Ren: The Girl with the Mark is an award-winning fantasy-adventure web series created by Kate Madison and Christopher Dane. Ren (Oriana Charles) is a young woman whose life changes forever when she is Marked by an ancient spirit and becomes a feared Nu'Mahri. Season Two finds her on the run with Hunter (Alexander Hackett), a man she barely knows. The pair set out to find the Archivist, a mysterious Mahri expert who may hold the key to removing the spirit from Ren. But Commander Othon (Richard Zeman) and the Kah’Nath army are closing in, and both Ren and Hunter will have to make dangerous decisions on the way to their goal.

Ren: The Girl with the Mark is made by volunteers, funded by fans and released free on YouTube. Imagine you could go behind the scenes of your favourite Netflix or Disney+ show – being a fly on the wall, quizzing the cast, or even helping to make sets or costumes, joining the crew or appearing as an extra. With Ren you can do that.


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